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Now F-150 Doors Open Just Right

"I just finished installing my Door Detent 3.0's and I have to say it is a fabulous product. The materials are top drawer, and are just like those from the factory. I don't foresee a failure due to poor components. The packaging was perfect, and they arrived in perfect condition. The installation instructions are bang on. They show each step photos, and are laced with a huge dose of good humor. Even the "prescription" note was great. The indication that an aftermarket product is great, is when you say 'why doesn't it come from the factory with these?' Being a Quality Manager I always study the details when it comes to manufacturers, big or small. And this little shop has it goin' on.
Well done Lab Rats... well done.  I give them the 'Outstanding Vendor Quality Award'"

Jimaa66, Ontario,

"Just a quick note on how impressed I am with your product.
Installation took less than half an hour and it solved a problem that
has aggravated me since I purchased my 2011 F-150 new. I am a retired
shop teacher and have been trying to think of ways to prevent the door from swinging wide and hitting my house, fence and other cars. It works wonderfully. Kudos to your Chief Lab Rat, and to your company.
PS. As per your Rx, I am 100% satisfied."

JWWOODY, New Jersey, email

"I just got my Door Detent 3.0's installed and these things are SWEEET!
Totally fixes the dilemma of getting in and out in the tight garage without putting my door through the living room wall! Install was super easy,
the plastic covers are a little tricky to get in and out but the actual parts take like 2 minutes each. These things are an amazing value when you consider
the damage and hassle you will prevent over the lifetime of your pickup."
RCImetalworks, Colorado,
Door Detent 3.0 works like a champ and living in a townhouse, I'll benefit everyday! Thanks again for solving the one real problem I had with my truck!”
— RES4CUE, Virginia,
"I'm very pleased with the result, Door Detent 3.0 is in the perfect place for me. Thanks much for the time and effort to develop these,
I can't wait for the back door solution."
— RKILDU, Arkansas,

“After having my Door Detent 3.0 on for several days now, I'd have to say that aside from my Power Steps, it's the next best thing I've added to my 2013. It's just awesome cool! That a word? Well it is now.”
— Damn Dirty Ape, Illinois,

“I had more time using Door Detent 3.0 today and I love it, price may

be a bit steep but worth every penny as I will use this every day!”
— RES4CUE, Virginia,

"I just finished installing the 3.0 detents on my 2012 Platinum F150.

The first one took every bit of your claimed 30 minutes to complete
- the driver side barely took half that time - so easy! This product
put that touch of luxury into what was missing from my "lux" truck...
I can't wait to see what other amazing & necessary pieces
you guys come up with - put me first in line!"
JDS, Guest Book @

"This morning, there I was at my local caffeine dealer, parked my steed alone, away from others. Upon returning with my cup of joe, there was an ugly

Dodge next to my trusty Lariat. Opening the door, my first reaction
was to try to catch it, after all, it's habit. Ahhhh the detent thingy,
saved the day! The door stopped at, you guessed it,
just the right detent!!! No dents, no dings,
or scratches of things!"
— VIKRAX1, Maryland,
"Yep, liking mine. Had to get gas at a new place and was watching where the pump was and stopped lined up, went to get out and thought my door's going to hit that column if I don't hold it, so I go to carefully get out to not ding my door and my just right Door Detent 3.0 catches, then I remember, 'Oh yeah, I put that in a few days ago' and then I really realized how much I like that thing."
GWPFAN, Nevada,

"I just finished installing the Door Detent 3.0's on my 2009 F150 XLT.
WOW what a difference! I can't wait to try them out in the parking lots.
Installation was a breeze, and was one of the best investments in both time,
and money I've spent on the truck. Good luck with future endeavors,

and thanks for the top notch customer service!"
NobleHdwe, Oklahoma, Guest Book @
"Just finished installing both doors on 2013 Platinum. The instructions
and pictures were perfect. Thanks to the both of you
for developing this great product!"

MIKE, Guest Book @
"Northlight, you have solved my biggest gripe about this truck.
I park on a sloping driveway and dealt with this for almost 4 years,
not to mention
at other parking lots and with kids.
Thank you a million times over."

stormsearch, Michigan,

 "Absolutely Perfect! Installation for the most part was a breeze. Had some trouble on passenger side trying to get the rubber boot out and my XXL hand in but it was worth every piece of skin I left behind. Excellent design. Thanks for the research and development that went into this fantastic product."
  jtzeke, Iowa,

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