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Now F-150 Doors Open Just Right
How It's Made

made right, right from the start
Because you and your F-150 deserve the highest quality product, every northlight labs Door Detent 3.0 starts with a brand new Genuine Ford door check assembly purchased from a Ford dealer. Our proprietary manufacturing process does not require disassembly of the new factory Ford door check assembly. This way, the original lubrication, gasket, detent spring system and precision factory riveting remains intact and undisturbed.

more than a machine shop
Based in the Seattle area -- the heartland of aerospace innovation and high technology  -- northlight labs selected a manufacturing partner that is far more than a machine shop. With aviation, automotive and robotics experience, our machining partner regularly provides its expertise to continuously improve our processes and help us develop new northlight labs products.

precision at every point
The Door Detent 3.0 multi-step manufacturing process is designed to ensure consistent, repeatable quality from beginning to end. New Ford door check assemblies are mounted in a custom-made alloy fixture on a five-axis CNC milling machine. The third 'Just Right' detent is machined into both sides of the door check assembly arm at the same depth and angles as the deepest existing detent. The new 'Just Right' detent is centered in the flat surface of the stock arm, halfway between the two standard detents. Each completed Door Detent 3.0 is removed from the fixture, individually inspected and picked up by northlight labs for shipment to satisfied customers in all fifty states, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

why we don't use 'used'
When northlight labs opened three years ago, we considered modifying used door check assemblies as the basis for our product. Very quickly we discovered a range of issues with used door check assemblies that compromised final product quality:
  • Disintegration of the non-replaceable cup-shaped dust seal on the door check assembly arm.
  • Requirement to replace the 'one-time' use assembly body gasket.
  • Unknown environment in which the door check assembly was used (dusty, muddy, etc.) that may have compromised interior lubrication, quiet operation and overall performance.
northlight labs Door Detent 3.0 helps protect the investment you've made in your Ford F-150.

not satisfied, send them back

northlight labs promises you will be 100% satisfied with your Door Detent 3.0 purchase. If not, just return them to us within 30 days for a full refund.

if it prevents one DENT, it doesn't cost a CENT.
Compared to average price for dent removal services.
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