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Now F-150 Doors Open Just Right
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who is this 'mr. northlight' guy, anyway?
The Founder and Chief Lab Rat at northlight labs is a life-long truck, car and motorcycle enthusiast, five-time F-150 owner and has spent his career in the automobile and powersports industry. In addition to their everyday jobs, He and Mrs. northlight run northlight labs as a small family business from the Seattle suburbs in Washington state. 

inspired by inconvenience
Shortly after purchasing his 2013 FX4, Mr. northlight discovered, as many other F-150 owners have, the front doors have only two detent positions:  'Too Close In' -- making it nearly impossible for real people to get in or out. And, 'Too Far Out' -- practically guaranteed to hit the adjacent car, wall, fence, pole, etc. A close inspection of the stock door check assembly arm revealed enough room to machine a third detent. So, Mr. northlight purchased two front door door check assemblies from a local Ford dealer and began the investigation leading to the innovative 'Just Right' Door Detent 3.0.

continuing innovation
northlight labs R+D is having fun and we look forward to developing new ideas for our favorite truck -- especially the all-new aluminum-bodied 2015!

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