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Now F-150 Doors Open Just Right

There are sellers now offering used door check assemblies modified with a third detent. When we started northlight labs three years ago, we rejected this approach because previously installed parts often had disintegrating dust seals, dried out lubrication, loose mounting studs and worn pivots.  We couldn't deliver consistent quality from such an inconsistent starting point. There's always a cheaper way to make and sell something, but we believe (and our satisfied customers believe) the way we produce the original DD3.0 is clearly superior. Take a look at the "How It's Made" section and you'll see we only use brand new Ford door check assemblies precision machined in an aerospace-level manufacturing facility. You've made a big investment in your F-150.  We produce a quality product designed to protect your investment and increase your enjoyment every time you open the door.
Thank you and Happy Holidays,
Peter & Mary
(Mr. and Mrs. Northlight)

Door Detent 3.0 by northlight labs solves the
annoying issue Ford F-150 owners encounter
with the front and rear door detent positions being

either 'Too Close In' or 'Too Far Out.'

In fact, our research indicates nearly 70% of 2009-2014 F-150 owners are 'annoyed' with factory positions while the rest are 'somewhat annoyed.'

Door Detent 3.0 features a third 'Just Right' detent precision CNC-machined in the arm of a new
Genuine Ford Door Check Assembly.

Provides Easier Entry + Exit
Helps Prevent Dings + Dents
Creates Parking Peace of Mind
Installs With Basic Hand Tools

100% Satisfaction Promise
front door (pair) $89.95*
rear door (pair) SuperCrew Only $89.95*
front & rear (set) $179.90*

Fits front doors on all 2009 to 2014 F-150 models: Regular Cab, SuperCab and SuperCrew.

* Plus applicable sales tax if purchasing in WA and USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping.  $6.80 pair or $13.85 set.  Canada $24.95 pair and $45.95 set.  We ship to most countries, please inquire at All payments processed through PayPal however PayPal account is not necessary. Most major credit cards accepted by PalPal.
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if it prevents one ding, it doesn't cost a thing.
Compared to average price for dent removal services.

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